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LNG Overview

Length: 90 minutes
Subscription: 1 month - 12 months
Cost: $195 - $250
Prerequisites: None

LNG Overview provides a comprehensive introduction to the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry. The course uses non-technical language to explain what LNG is, how it is created and transported, how it is used, safety and environmental issues, regulation of the various LNG sectors, and how global LNG markets function. Sectors covered include liquefaction, transport, and regasification. Included are activities to engage the learner throughout the course and a knowledge check to test learning retention. This course enables industry professionals to understand the rapidly growing global LNG business.

This course comprises the following lessons:

  • Introduction to LNG
  • The LNG delivery chain
  • Liquefaction
  • Transport
  • Regasification
  • Small LNG
  • Safety and the environment
  • Regulation
  • Markets
  • Knowledge check

Following is a more detailed outline of content contained in the LNG Overview online course.

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • The LNG Delivery Chain
    • The three sectors of the delivery chain
  • Liquefaction
    • The liquefaction process
    • The stages of processing, liquefaction, storage, and loading
    • Onshore liquefaction
    • Floating liquefaction
    • Liquefaction costs
    • Global liquefaction facilities
  • Transport
    • How LNG is transported
    • Loading
    • Tanker ships
    • Tanker trucks
    • Shipping costs
    • The shipping fleet
  • Regasification
    • The regasification process
    • The states of berthing, unloading, storage, and vaporization
    • Onshore regasification
    • Floating storage and regasification
    • Reloading capability
    • Regasification costs
    • Global regasification facilities
  • Small LNG
    • What small LNG is
    • Ship fuel
    • Truck and rail fuel
    • Utility peak storage
    • Container transport
  • Safety and Environment
    • Safety concerns
    • Security
    • Risk mitigation
    • Environmental issues
    • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Regulation and Permitting
    • Goals of regulation and permitting
    • Regulatory concerns for each sector
    • Who permits LNG projects in each sector
  • Markets
    • Global LNG flows
    • Market participants
    • Users and owners across the delivery chain
    • Deal structure
    • Contracts
    • Pricing
    • Risk management
    • Finance structures
  • Knowledge check
    • Quiz to test achievement of learning objectives

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