Enerdynamics continually creates energy training resources that help explain industry data and concepts in a clear and easy-to-understand graphical format. View and download the following infographics at no cost by clicking on the links below to improve your personal power industry training needs from within. We just ask that you credit Enerdynamics Corp. as the source when using any of the following in presentations or reference materials.

The Natural Gas Delivery System
The Electric Delivery System
The LNG Delivery System
The House of the Future
The Grid of the Future
The Microgrid of the Future
U.S. Energy Consumption by Source and Sector
The Future of the Energy Company
The Green Hydrogen Delivery System

Everyday Tools for Industry Professionals

Following are free natural gas and power industry training resources that will help you continue to learn about and better understand the energy industry. Bookmark them and refer back whenever you like!

Natural Gas and Electricity Glossary
Natural Gas and Electricity Acronyms
U.S. Electricity Rates and Data
U.S. Natural Gas Rates and Data

Video Library

Included in our energy training resources are these short videos that address various topics of interest and frequently asked questions relating to natural gas and electricity. This is a great opportunity to expand your understanding of the energy industry at no charge to you! If you have suggestions on future topics related to natural gas or power industry training, please e-mail them to us. Click on a link below to view its related video:

Direct and Alternating Current
Electric Units
Energy Registers: Reading an Electric Meter
Locational Marginal Pricing
Photovoltaic Cells
Steam Turbines


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