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How Generators Make Money

Length: 60 minutes
Subscription: 1 month - 12 months
Cost: $69 - $89
Prerequisites: None

This How Generators Make Money Online Course considers how owners of power plants create earnings from their generation assets. Topics covered include how grid operations result in power plant dispatch, which services generators can provide and how these services are traded in markets, how prices for the services are determined, power plant characteristics that impact dispatch and costs of operation, and how all these factors result in earnings or losses for power plants

What you will learn:

  • How grid operations and transmission scheduling impact power plant dispatch
  • The different ways of trading supply services
  • The different types of generation owners and their financial motiviations
  • How varying market structures match buyers and sellers
  • The power plant characteristics that impact earnings opportunities
  • The various services and revenue streams available to a power generator
  • How unit scheduling, dispatch, and prices are determined for power generator services
  • The factors that impact price levels and volatility
  • How various factors associated with electric markets impact a power plant's revenue and earnings opportunities

Following is a more detailed outline of content contained in the How Generators Make Money online course.

Course content:

  • Electric grid operations
    • Definition of the bulk electric system
    • System operators and their roles
    • Frequency and voltage
    • How grid operations impact power plants
  • Generation markets
    • Types of trading in electric markets
    • Bilateral trades
    • Electronic exchanges
    • ISO transactions
  • Types of power plant owners
  • Market structures with and without an ISO
  • Power plant characteristics
    • Operational
    • Emissions
    • Costs
  • Services and revenue streams
    • Capacity
    • Energy
    • Environmental credits
    • Ancillary services
    • Total plant revenue
  • Unit selection
    • Least-cost dispatch
    • Unit selections by utilities and ISOs
  • Pricing
    • Bilateral
    • Exchange
    • ISO
  • Generator earnings
    • Margin
    • Return on investment
    • Key factors driving earnings

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