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Introduction to Hydrogen

Length: 60 minutes
Subscription: 1 month - 12 months
Cost: $69 - $89
Prerequisites: None

This Introduction to Hydrogen Online Course provides an overview of hydrogen. It discusses the physical properties of hydrogen; the units we use to measure it; how it is producted, transported, and stored; how it is used in various end-use sectors; safety and environmental impacts; and challenges to broad adoption.

What you will learn:

  • What hydrogen is
  • The physical properties of hydrogen
  • The units used to measure hydrogen
  • The methods used to produce hydrogen
  • The ways in which hydrogen can be transported
  • The ways that hydrogen can be stored
  • Five ways in which hydrogen is used

Following is a more detailed outline of content contained in the Introduction to Hydrogen online course.

Course content:

  • What hydrogen is
  • A brief history of hydrogen
  • Interest in hydrogen is growing
  • The physical properties of hydrogen
  • Measuring hydrogen (units)
  • The hydrogen delivery chain
    • How hydrogen is produced
      • Reforming
      • Gasification
      • Electrolysis
    • How hydrogen is transported
      • Belinding into existing natural gas pipelines
      • Transporting in hydrogen-only pipelines
      • Liquefying and transporting via tanker truck or ship
      • Transporting via chemical carrier
    • How hydrogen is stored
      • As a gas
      • As a liquid
    • How hydrogen is used
      • Industrial sector
      • Residential/commercial sector
      • Transportation sector
      • Power generation sector
  • Environmental impacts
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Challenges to broader use

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