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Integrating Distributed Energy Resources into the Distribution System

Length: 40 minutes
Subscription: 1 month - 12 months
Cost: $79 - $99
Prerequisites: None

This course covers how Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) impact the electric distribution system including changes to planning, design, and operations. Both challenges and potential benefits are considered.

What you will learn:

  • How DERs are interconnected
  • How DERs impact distribution design and operations
  • Challenges presented by DERs and potential solutions 
  • Benefits DERs may provide to the distribution system

Following is a more detailed outline of content contained in the Integrating Distributed Energy Resources into the Distribution System online course.

Course content:

  • Introduction
    • Definition of DERs
    • Types of DERs and aggregation into useful blocks
    • Potential growth of DERs
    • Value for consumers and the grid from DERs
  • Impacts of DERs on distribution
    • Distribution basics
    • Substations
    • Line components
    • Service components
    • Voltage
    • Power quality
    • Component sizing
    • Protection
    • Safety
    • Potential benefits from DERs
  • Interconnection of DERs
    • Interconnection components
    • Inverters and the importance of Smart Inverters
    • Remote control and monitoring
    • Interconnection rules and standards
    • Interconnection processes and screening
  • Grid Modernization to Integrate DERs
    • What grid modernization is
    • The four key modernization technologies
    • Examples
    • Communication
    • IT systems
    • Grid evolution and stages of DERs penetrations
  • Distribution planning with DERs
    • The concept of distribution resource planning
    • Forecasting
    • Power flow
    • Hosting capacity analysis
    • Locational value analysis
    • Non-wires alternatives
    • Service enhancements
    • Resources of distribution resource planning

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