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Introduction to Electric Cooperatives

Length: 90 minutes
Subscription: 1 month - 12 months
Cost: $195 - $250
Prerequisites: None

Introduction to Electric Cooperatives aims to quickly introduce key industry-specific information necessary for individuals new to the co-op business. This course uses simple, nontechnical language and examples to explain what a co-op is, oversight of co-ops, how they set rates, how they interact with various stakeholders, how various company departments provide services to customers, and the key skills co-op employees need to be successful. Included are activities to engage the learner throughout the course and a quiz at the end to test knowledge retention. This course helps the new employee start his or her career with a clear understanding of what makes the co-op business different from other industries. Introduction to Electric Cooperatives is mobile ready and works on multiple devices including desktop, laptop and smart phone.

This course comprises the following lessons:

  • What a co-op is and how they are different from other companies
  • How the history of co-ops impacts their current business practices
  • Who is responsible for oversight of co-ops
  • How co-ops set rates
  • How different stakeholders relate to the co-op
  • The functions of the different co-op departments
  • The key skills needed to be successful as a co-op employee

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