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Wholesale Power Markets

Length: 4.25 hours
Subscription: 2 months - 12 months
Cost: $295 - $350
Prerequisites: Electric Industry Overview (online course), Understanding Today's Electricity Business (book) or a general knowledge of the electric industry including the basics of generation, transmission, distribution, customers, and regulation.

As electric markets become increasingly unbundled, energy companies depend more and more on services bought and sold in wholesale power markets. And with the continued growth of gas-fired generation, renewables, and ISO market areas, an understanding of the complex electric markets is now crucially important for many market participants. Wholesale Power Markets helps learners to understand the various ways of organizing markets and provides specifics on how the various electric services are traded in them. This learning path is intended for those with a basic understanding of the electric business who need more detailed information on how power markets function.

This course comprises the following modules:

  • Introduction to Wholesale Power Markets
  • Power Market Structures and Participants
  • Electric Supply and Demand
  • Power Markets and Services
  • How Power Markets Work

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