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Customized Learning Is Key to Successful Utility Onboarding

by Bob Shively, Enerdynamics President and Lead Facilitator

Even with today’s economic uncertainty, utilities must continually build their workforces as retirements and promotions thin the ranks. New employees often find working at a utility to be different than anything else they have experienced. Safety, compliance, regulatory rules, reliability, customer relations, and knowledge of arcane but important technology and business details are expected of utility employees. And unlike in many industries, much of this knowledge can be rather specific to each utility company. Customized company-specific learning solutions are needed to provide successful onboarding and employee training.

As described in a recent Unboxed blog What Are The Benefits of Custom Onboarding Training, benefits of a customized program include:

1.    Increased effectiveness
2.    Flexibility to allow users to choose learning platforms
3.    Higher engagement
4.    Faster productivity
5.    Increased efficiency

Many companies like Unboxed offer development of custom programs, but the downside is that you must first teach them about your needs and how your business works. Enerdynamics offers a different model. As described in a recent Energy Training Today blog, Onboarding Options for a New Generation of Utility Employees, Enerdynamics offer various solutions including online training, books, and virtual live training. The advantage of our curriculum is that it has already been developed through years of work with utilities, and many solutions can be easily customized to a specific company.

For example, we recently worked with a large utility in the southeast to customize our Introduction to Utilities and How Utilities Make Money courses to be specific to the utility. These courses will now be available to all new employees so that they hit the ground running with an understanding of their specific company and specific state regulations. The result of such a customization is a program that is quickly available yet prepares new employees for rapid productivity. 

Get examples of customized utility business training programs Enerdynamics has developed and details on customized options that your company can quickly implement. Contact John Ferrare at or 866-765-5432 ext. 700.

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