Enerdynamics’ Content Fulfills Growing Need for Employee Onboarding

by John Ferrare, Enerdynamics CEO

It seems that energy industry brain drain has finally hit. Enerdynamics is experiencing an influx in demand for its employee onboarding tools. While many of our clients have had onboarding programs for years – some casual and some more structured – there is a definite trend to beef up such programs and offer them to an increasing number of new hires. More and more energy companies are deploying Enerdynamics’ industry training solutions to help new employees grasp concepts, language, and terms that are unique to the energy business.

Following is an overview of my favorite off-the-shelf products developed and ready to go for energy companies that seek to quickly and cost-effectively onboard new employees.

Condensed versions of three learning paths

Enerdynamics now offers one-hour condensed versions of three of our most popular learning paths:

  • Electric Industry Overview, which offers and introduction to the electric industry. Click for details.
  • Gas Industry Overview, which offers an introduction to the natural gas industry. Click for details.
  • Electric System Fundamentals, which offers an introduction to the physical electrical system. Click for details.

These condensed learning paths, which take just one hour each to complete, are an ideal addition to your onboarding program and offer basic industry background that is crucial to employee success. Customization of these learning paths is an option.

Introduction to Utilities

This 90-minute learning path is intended for new employees who have never worked for a utility. It explains the difference between a regulated utility and other companies, as well as how utilities are structured, how regulation affects their business, and much more. Click for details.

How Utilities Make Money

This 2.5-hour learning path is appropriate for management-level employees who do not understand the basic utility finance model. It explains in very simple language how a utility makes money and the factors that determine whether a utility will beat or fall short of its authorized return. Click for details.

Enerdynamics can also provide customized versions of the above content, and, in some instances, can build new content designed specifically for your company.

By using these tools, you can bring your incoming workforce up to speed on the industry from Day One, resulting in higher productivity and better results.

Learn more about how our onboarding products can help your employees get a jumpstart on your business quickly and cost-effectively. Call me directly at 866-765-5432 ext. 700 or e-mail me at jferrare@enerdynamics.com.

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