Build a training program that reflects the distinctiveness of your company.

Your company’s needs, message, and market position are unique so why settle for off-the-shelf training solutions? Whether it’s a customized live seminar or a curriculum that blends a variety of media, we can partner with you to match your training to your company’s goals and situation. This includes creating audience-appropriate content that ranges from new-employee onboarding to executive-level training. Forget the labor-intensive task of building your company’s training program from the ground up. Let us work in tandem with your company’s training group to create the optimal solution based on your goals, budget, schedule, and logistical challenges. Read below for examples of how we’ve successfully created custom training programs for other companies.

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    Business Acumen for Senior Leaders

    A major energy holding company with utility and international subsidiaries came to Enerdynamics with a unique challenge – build a business acumen program that gives prospective C-suite leaders insight into natural gas, electricity, and LNG from both domestic and international perspectives. Learn more

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    How Utilities Make Money

    A combined gas and electric utility had a problem: A delayed rate case was soon to be implemented and the result was a substantial increase in rates. Our client wanted its employees to understand how utilities make money so that they could accurately explain to their family and friends that the imminent rate hike was not due to an increase in the utility’s profits. Learn more

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    Fundamentals of Power Markets for Sales Engineers

    A major global technology company providing power plant and environmental services to utilities and independent power producers came to Enerdynamics with a desire to help its sales engineers better understand the needs of their customers as the industry undergoes changes. The company’s senior vice president responsible for customer relationships was hearing customers say that its sales force didn’t understand the challenges facing energy companies, especially as their businesses were evolving. Learn more

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    ISO Market Basics Online Program

    An Independent System Operator (ISO) wanted a simple way to teach new employees, veteran employees, market participants, and regulators what the business of an ISO is. And as is often the case, training time and dollars were limited and posed a big concern. The ISO asked Enerdynamics to cooperatively develop both a live seminar and an online training course that would explain ISO markets to those with little or no background in electric markets. Learn more

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    Gas Fundamentals for Power Markets Seminar for ISOs

    In the last two years, ISOs traditionally dependent on coal-fired power for maintaining system reliability have seen many of these units replaced with natural gas units. Unlike coal units that store coal onsite, gas units are dependent on gas pipelines and markets to reliably deliver supply when power plants are called to run. A large U.S. ISO realized that basic assumptions on fuel availability for its generation fleet were no longer valid, and it needed to quickly develop an understanding of gas systems and markets among a number of key personnel.. Learn more