The natural gas and electricity industries are complex. Training your workforce doesn't have to be.

Enerdynamics partners with energy companies of all sizes to provide quality energy training that engages employees and those who require a solid understanding of the natural gas and electric industries. Whether it’s a live seminar, virtual live seminar, online course, book, or a customized mix of these media, our electric and natural gas training options are infused with brilliant visuals, easy-to-follow language, current events and statistics, and engaging activities that elevate the overall learning experience. See how our decades of providing energy business acumen training for energy companies can work for your team.

We understand that not all training needs are the same. So we partner with our clients to provide customized energy training. Our live seminars are customized so that your employees understand not only the business of gas and electricity, but also your company’s role in it. For example, a California-based utility is much different than a utility company based in New England. Factors such as regional weather patterns, state-mandated energy regulations, consumer lifestyles, and supply/demand of various energy resources all contribute to how a utility operates and services its customers. Enerdynamics’ live seminars are customized so that data, trends, maps, and other information accurately reflect a company’s situation and location. We even work with company representatives to add company-specific data when available. Such customized energy training helps employees gain a deeper understanding of how their jobs impact the lives of those who live in their community, state, and/or region.

Enerdynamics can also create customized versions of its current online energy training or do custom development of desired content to meet a company’s unique requirements. In other words, if Enerdynamics doesn’t have an online course on a topic you need covered, Enerdynamics can work with you to create it so that you can administer the training to your current and future workforce. Whether the focus is on electric training, natural gas training, or a combination of the two, our decades of industry experience and dedication to creating quality energy training is a winning combination!

Who Are Our Clients?

  • Utilities
  • Independent system operators
  • Independent power producers
  • Transcos
  • Pipelines
  • Upstream and midstream companies
  • Technology companies
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Consulting firms
  • Legal firms
  • Accounting firms
  • Energy services/retail companies
  • And just about any company in or providing services to the natural gas and/or electric industries

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