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Preparing Your Workforce for the Future of The Energy Company
Today's energy training professional must figure out how to prepare his/her company’s workforce for a future that is increasingly digital, decentralized, low carbon, and customized. So what does each of these mean?
The Five Pillars of Utility Engagement in the EV Space
Five pressing actions emerged as opportunities for utility engagement at the recent National Convening on Utilities and Electric Vehicles.
Are Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations a Utility Growth Opportunity?
The number of electric vehicles (EVs) on today's roadways is surging and so is the demand for a fast, efficient way to charge them. Utilities in developed economies are looking to electric vehicle charging as a source of new load growth.
A Tax Cut For Utilities May Not Be As Attractive As It Looks
The recent federal tax cut may be a win for traditional corporations, but for utilities it may do more harm than good.