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Can Europe Find a Role for Gas in a Net-Zero Carbon Energy System?
A European project called H21 North of England proposes a “deep decarbonization” of several energy sectors including space heating, transportation, and power generation. If it is successful and its cities can indeed convert their natural gas systems to hydrogen, the current gas infrastructure will be indispensable.
Gas Infrastructure Has Big Impacts on New England Energy Marketplace
It appears that failure to built infrastructure that expands import capacity of either electricity or natural gas leaves New England vulnerable to extreme price spikes and even reliability issues on high peak demand days. New England is hoping a combination of new technologies and end-use customer market participation can be a valid substitute for large infrastructure projects.
Mexico, Infrastructure in the Age of Restructuring
Four years ago Mexico announced major energy reforms, and its natural gas market is slowly adjusting to such changes. Here's an in-depth look at Mexico's continued efforts to revitalize its natural gas market and some of the infrastructure challenges it has faced along the way.