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Training Professionals: Gain Energy Industry Knowledge While Exploring New Options for Learners
Enerdynamics offers a free 10-minute eLearning tool for training professionals who need to quickly understand how the energy industry/utility business operates.
Using Data in Your Training Can Be Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy
In live, virtual, or online training, data should be used carefully used to demonstrate key points by providing learners with memorable visuals not an overload of information that leaves learners struggling to focus.
Do New Generations of Workers Need New Types of Learning?
Do different aged workers really want different types of learning opportunities, or are we just observing changes in society in general? Recent studies found mixed results on whether the generations are demonstrably different.
Enerdynamics’ Latest Whitepaper Provides All You Need for a Successful Digital Learning Evolution
Forward-thinking utilities are looking to digitize all functions, including training. For those tasked with adding digital content to a utility's training library, Enerdynamics offers its latest whitepaper: "Effective Learning for the Digital Utility of the Future."
Where to Get Online Content Your Learners Want
Utility training professionals are faced with the often daunting task of getting the online content their learners want at a price within their training budget. Explore the pros and cons of three different paths to acquiring good content for eLearning libraries.
Are Your Learners Tired of the Desktop? How to Deliver the Right Content to the Right Device
Users of online training want to learn on their own time and on the device of their choosing. In many cases, learners want to start on one device and finish on another. Training providers should understand the characteristics that make for quality multiple-device learning.