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Employee Development Professionals Must Prepare for Top Trends of 2022
Employees in all positions at energy companies can expect to encounter numerous trends in 2022. It is critical that employee development professionals anticipate these trends so they can support employees through rapidly evolving expectations.
Expanded Learning and Development Offerings Are Required to Meet Employees’ Needs
To better serve employees, learning and development professionals must consider how the workforce really learns and how to support that.
Preparing the Utility Workforce of Tomorrow
Utility management and human resources must provide the tools necessary to help utility workers adapt in a rapidly changing industry.
Onboarding Options for a New Generation of Utility Employees
Many of today's utility business veterans who have decades of knowledge are leaving the business and taking their know-how with them. This makes knowledge transfer and onboarding of new employees critical to maintaining business as usual. Sometimes one training solution can fulfill all a company’s onboarding needs. But other times a strategic combination of live training, online learning, and good old-fashioned books is the best way to reach and teach an ever-evolving workforce.
What Is Experiential Learning and Why Is It Critical to Successful Training?
At Enerdynamics we utilize the Experiential Learning concepts developed by psychologist and educational theorist David Kolb. According to Kolb’s theory, learning best takes place through four sequential steps. Learning may began at any step, but then must follow with the other steps in sequence.
Quality Facilitation is Key to Compelling Classroom Training
Live, classroom-based learning will continue to play a vital role in the future of corporate training. But the old way of delivering classroom training will not satisfy today’s learners. A good facilitator is key to engaging and empowering learners in the classroom and beyond.