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Change is Coming: Top Trends for Energy Employees in 2022
The next decade will likely see the biggest shifts in energy companies since the development of the utility model in the early the 1900s. Successful companies will move forward immediately in 2022.
Future of Energy: Clean Power, Distributed Energy, Grid Modernization
The 2020 State of the Electric Utility Survey by Utility Dive, which surveyed 500 industry insiders, clearly demonstrates that the industry is rapidly transitioning to a world of clean power, distributed energy, and grid modernization but that this transition will not be without challenges.
The Future of the Energy Company: Challenging but Exciting
Energy companies are on the precipice of disruption in their traditional ways of doing business. Enerdynamics' latest infographic explains the key trends driving disruption and the impact of these key trends.
What is Electrification?
A possible counter to falling electric usage is electrification, which is the act of consumers adopting new electric end-use technologies. In a developed economy such as the U.S., this generally implies consumers replacing fossil fuel technologies with electric technologies.
Hawaii's New Utility Business Model Based on Performance Not Capital Spending
With recent legislation, Hawaii is now leading the way in defining what may be a very different future for how utilities make money.
ComEd Chicago – Building a Future Grid Under Performance-based Rates
Energy utilities are being forced to rethink business models that have worked well for many years. ComEd in Illinois is an example of a utility that is attempting to move rapidly to face a changing future.