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Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Will Supply the World with Natural Gas Well into the Future
Although the world continues to transition to a future of low fossil fuels and low carbon energy, it appears that LNG will be a part of the energy mix for many years. Continued efforts to decarbonize LNG as much as possible will be important for LNG to be a beneficial part of the energy transition.
Has Natural Gas in North America Become a Global Business?
Can a rosy picture with ongoing growth in global demand for U.S. gas coupled with limited price impacts on U.S. consumers continue?
Where Does LNG Come from and Where Does It Go?
Use of LNG around the world is growing rapidly and such growth is expected to continue. It is important for anyone in the energy industry to understand what LNG is and how it works.
The Price of Natural Gas: Onward and Upward or Just a Temporary Blip?
An examination of the most relevant commentary and insights around the natural gas price increase and subsequent impacts on the energy industry and domestic and global economies.
Increasing Exports Are Saving U.S. Gas Producers from Warm Winters
The EIA indicates net natural gas exports are expected to continue to grow with forecast increases of 29% in 2021 and 9% in 2022 compared to the prior year. While this is promising for U.S. producers, they cannot simply sit back and expect it to occur without challenges.
Will the Coronavirus Paradoxically Help Natural Gas Producers?
Oil prices have dropped precipitously, and a predicted wave of smaller producers filing for bankruptcy has begun. With heavy debt loads and falling prices, the future looks dark. Yet paradoxically, some in the natural gas industry are expressing optimism for higher prices. It this optimism warranted?
Is $2 Natural Gas the New Norm?
Why the persistent low natural gas prices? Mostly because production has increased dramatically driven by advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling combined with low borrowing rates. Are these prices here to stay?
Will Natural Gas Infrastructure Keep Up With Growing U.S. Gas Production?
To determine whether or not the gas marketplace will continue to grow, it may be best not to get caught up in production numbers but to carefully observe whether or not natural gas infrastructure grows to match.
Is Natural Gas So Cheap Producers Have to Pay People to Take It?
Historically low natural gas prices are great for consumers but not so great for producers who often depend on market-based gas prices to cover their costs and provide a profit. In some regions, producers are even having to pay market participants to take gas off their hands. How and why does this happen?
Gas Infrastructure Has Big Impacts on New England Energy Marketplace
It appears that failure to built infrastructure that expands import capacity of either electricity or natural gas leaves New England vulnerable to extreme price spikes and even reliability issues on high peak demand days. New England is hoping a combination of new technologies and end-use customer market participation can be a valid substitute for large infrastructure projects.