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Increasing Exports Are Saving U.S. Gas Producers from Warm Winters
The EIA indicates net natural gas exports are expected to continue to grow with forecast increases of 29% in 2021 and 9% in 2022 compared to the prior year. While this is promising for U.S. producers, they cannot simply sit back and expect it to occur without challenges.
After a Lackluster Spring and Summer, Will Natural Gas Prices Stay This Low?
In the first half of 2020, natural gas prices fell to record lows, demand dropped as gas-consuming industries stumbled, and drilling slowed as gas and oil price drops forced producers to shut-in wells. As businesses slowly resume operations, will natural gas prices increase in 2021?
New Pipelines, New Savings, New Deals in Mexico
Mexico needs capital from international investors in order to get more energy resources that will help it produce more energy and grow its economy. However recent events surrounding new pipelines demonstrate the issues that are holding back investors.