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LNG Is Booming and Natural Gas Consumers Are Seeing the Effect
The U.S. is poised to have the largest LNG export capacity in the world. So, how did this happen and what can we expect in the U.S. from growing exports?
Will Rising Natural Gas Costs Change Long-term Electric Supply Plans?
Recent utility resource plans, while including significant amounts of wind and solar, have in many cases also included large amounts of natural gas capacity. But if natural gas prices stay where they are now, these utilities will pay a high price for the resources to supply such capacity.
The Price of Natural Gas: Onward and Upward or Just a Temporary Blip?
An examination of the most relevant commentary and insights around the natural gas price increase and subsequent impacts on the energy industry and domestic and global economies.
After a Lackluster Spring and Summer, Will Natural Gas Prices Stay This Low?
In the first half of 2020, natural gas prices fell to record lows, demand dropped as gas-consuming industries stumbled, and drilling slowed as gas and oil price drops forced producers to shut-in wells. As businesses slowly resume operations, will natural gas prices increase in 2021?
Will the Coronavirus Paradoxically Help Natural Gas Producers?
Oil prices have dropped precipitously, and a predicted wave of smaller producers filing for bankruptcy has begun. With heavy debt loads and falling prices, the future looks dark. Yet paradoxically, some in the natural gas industry are expressing optimism for higher prices. It this optimism warranted?
Is $2 Natural Gas the New Norm?
Why the persistent low natural gas prices? Mostly because production has increased dramatically driven by advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling combined with low borrowing rates. Are these prices here to stay?
Is Natural Gas So Cheap Producers Have to Pay People to Take It?
Historically low natural gas prices are great for consumers but not so great for producers who often depend on market-based gas prices to cover their costs and provide a profit. In some regions, producers are even having to pay market participants to take gas off their hands. How and why does this happen?