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Is In-person Training Ready to Launch Again?
When do we go back to in-person learning? I just taught my first live seminar since the pandemic began. These are my personal insights for everyone to consider before going full steam into in-person training.
Using Data in Your Training Can Be Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy
In live, virtual, or online training, data should be used carefully used to demonstrate key points by providing learners with memorable visuals not an overload of information that leaves learners struggling to focus.
Classes Cancelled – How About Creating a Virtual Classroom?
As companies cancel in-person training events to combat the spread of COVID-19, the transition to virtual learning allows classroom content to be more quickly converted for online delivery. But be forewarned, it does require a significant amount of preparation to be successful!
Interactivity Is Critical to Today’s Classroom Training
Here are Enerdynamics facilitators’ eight favorite techniques to keep seminar participants active and learning through strategic interactivity.