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Where Does LNG Come from and Where Does It Go?
Use of LNG around the world is growing rapidly and such growth is expected to continue. It is important for anyone in the energy industry to understand what LNG is and how it works.
Is Tacoma, Washington, LNG the Future of Shipping or an Impediment to Greener Solutions?
The new Port of Tacoma LNG facility is a possible template for future ports that serve LNG-powered ships. But opponents of the facility argue that the industry should wait for a zero-emission alternative.
The Role of Small-scale LNG in Gas Markets
Small-scale liquefied natural gas or SSLNG is ideal for maritime and long-haul trucking industries as well as for power generation in parts of the world that lack traditional gas infrastructure. So what challenges and opportunities are ahead for SSLNG in the natural gas industry?
Will the U.S. Become One of the World’s Largest LNG Suppliers?
Within the next two years, the U.S. may well become one of the world’s largest players in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) business. This will be a radical change for U.S. gas producers as just a few years ago LNG export capability was limited to one small facility in Alaska.