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Preparing the Utility Workforce of Tomorrow
Utility management and human resources must provide the tools necessary to help utility workers adapt in a rapidly changing industry.
Is Artificial Intelligence the Next Step for Smart Grids?
Utility companies must think of themselves as technology companies, not just energy companies. The importance of this distinction will continue to grow as artificial intelligence (AI) is required to manage the smart grid.
The Future of the Energy Company: Challenging but Exciting
Energy companies are on the precipice of disruption in their traditional ways of doing business. Enerdynamics' latest infographic explains the key trends driving disruption and the impact of these key trends.
ComEd Chicago – Building a Future Grid Under Performance-based Rates
Energy utilities are being forced to rethink business models that have worked well for many years. ComEd in Illinois is an example of a utility that is attempting to move rapidly to face a changing future.