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The Utility Industry Is in Transition. Is Your Training Keeping Up?
Given the pressures from climate change, decarbonization, digitization, technology advancement, decentralization, and customer evolution, the utility of 2030 is likely to look dramatically different than the utility model that has endured the last 100 years. As your company transitions into the new world, is your training keeping up?
Are Your Employees Ready for the New Energy Consumer?
In recent years, the energy consumer has radically changed due to technological, societal, and market evolutions. To be successful today, utilities need to think of themselves as energy services companies, and they need to develop a deep mutually beneficial relationship with energy customers.
Training Trends Suggest Pandemic Changes Are Permanent
Changes in the corporate training world that occurred during the pandemic appear to be a permanent evolution, not a temporary adjustment.
Consider Microlearning When Training Time and Budget Is Limited
Enerdynamics' newest product, Energy KnowledgeBase, features microlearning — just-in-time “nuggets” of learning that provide specific information in as little as two to five minutes. Energy KnowledgeBase is a resource of gas and electricity concepts and terminologies available on any training device.
Continuous Learning Opportunities Are What Today’s Employees Expect
Enerdynamics soon will launch its latest learning product, Energy KnowledgeBase.  This resource will include the key topics energy company professionals most commonly search, and it will direct them immediately to a summary overview that can be consumed in five minutes or less.
Seven Keys to Keeping Online Training Updated and Relevant
Enerdynamics manages a library of more than 50 online courses. In doing so we implement seven critical steps to ensure our online courseware is updated and relevant to today's learner.
Expanded Learning and Development Offerings Are Required to Meet Employees’ Needs
To better serve employees, learning and development professionals must consider how the workforce really learns and how to support that.
How to be a Good Trainer and Be Entertaining
In today’s world of learning, just knowing your content and being able to present it aren’t the only skills of a good trainer. Today’s audiences want to be entertained!
Often Maligned, Learning Objectives Are the Educator’s Best Friend
Learning objectives have a reputation of being a boring checklist presented at the beginning of a class or online course. But when written and presented correctly, learning objectives can be the key to creating focused training that delivers a desired result.
Preparing Your Workforce for the Future of The Energy Company
Today's energy training professional must figure out how to prepare his/her company’s workforce for a future that is increasingly digital, decentralized, low carbon, and customized. So what does each of these mean?
Can Google and Wikipedia Fulfill Your Training Needs?
There is no doubt that learning alternatives will continue to grow as technology advances. It is up to learning professionals to find or develop tools that appeal to learners and provide the knowledge needed. Curated searchable repositories are one great resource for companies who don't want their employees relying solely on sources like Google or Wikipedia for their industry-specific training.
Interactivity Is Critical to Today’s Classroom Training
Here are Enerdynamics facilitators’ eight favorite techniques to keep seminar participants active and learning through strategic interactivity.
Energy Insider Keeps You Current on the Rapidly Changing Energy Industries
To help those in the industry keep track of key developments, Enerdynamics provides a quarterly newsletter called Energy Insider. Here are some key stories features in this quarter's edition.