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Are Natural Gas Bans the Next Energy Trend?
In city council chambers across the country, the move toward municipal “reach codes” that call for new housing to be built without installing natural gas is gaining ground. The country’s largest natural gas distribution utility is fighting the movement city by city in Southern California and hopes to persuade council members that an all-out ban on natural gas is not the answer to climate change. 
California Gives OK to Using Ratepayer Energy Efficiency Funds to Encourage Fuel Substitution
Many states are grappling with the question of whether it is acceptable to use ratepayer incentives to encourage customers to switch from one fuel to another. In general, the answer has been no, but a recent decision in California suggests that in certain situations the answer may be yes.
What is Electrification?
A possible counter to falling electric usage is electrification, which is the act of consumers adopting new electric end-use technologies. In a developed economy such as the U.S., this generally implies consumers replacing fossil fuel technologies with electric technologies.