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Are Electric Vehicles Cost-Effective to Drive?
A recent study by the consulting group Anderson Economic Group purported to show that it is more expensive to charge an electric vehicle (EV) than it is to fill an equivalent vehicle with gasoline. But many other research groups have concluded that the Anderson study is flawed, and that it is indeed cheaper to fuel an EV.
Will EVs Overwhelm Our Distribution Grid?
Electric Vehicles or EVs in the U.S. will more than triple in the next two years and will increase more than tenfold to 39.6 million vehicles by 2030. Given that each EV has an electric charging load of about 7 kW (compared to a typical house with a peak demand of 4 kW), the projections raise the question – can our grid manage this rapid load growth?
Is 2021 the Year that Everyone Can Afford An an Electric Vehicle?
No longer is the electric vehicle (EV) the car of the future. No longer is the market just a niche. EVs are mainstream. EVs are for everyone. EVs are now.
Electrified: A Path to Recovery for the Global Auto Industry
Auto consumers, it’s time for us to buckle up, because it’s about to become interesting in the electric vehicle market. Mainstream and niche automakers are unveiling their plans to compete in a space where adopting energy alternatives is the new norm.