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How Electric Operators Maintain Acceptable Voltage
Utility professionals must have a basic understanding of the principles of voltage regulation as the utility grid becomes increasing distributed. System operators and designers must learn new techniques for managing voltage, and customers installing DERs will need to understand why interconnection rules include requirements associated with voltage support.
Bulk Electric System Planners/Operators Need to Plan Now for Distributed Energy Resources
Distributed energy resources or DERs are expected to double over the next fives years. ISOs, balancing authorities, and transmission planners must consider the impacts of DERs now and prepare to modify system models and operations to recognize growth of these resources.
Running a Grid with High Penetrations of DERs: It’s a Whole Different Animal
Once distributed energy resources (DERs) grow enough to be more than just a minimal load modifier, transmission and distribution operators, planners, and designers will need to develop and implement new tools and procedures to ensure a reliable grid.