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eLearning for energy employeesWelcome to Energy Training Today!

As a learning professional at a utility, you may find yourself buffeted by change. The utility business is undergoing radical transformation with forces such as digital grids, distributed resources, shale gas, electric vehicles, new utility business models, and ongoing pressures to reduce environmental impacts. 

Meanwhile, the evolution of corporate training and learning methods is no less frenetic. Online learning, social learning, gamification, and calls to reinvent the traditional classroom aren’t waves of the future -- they’re in demand now. You’re tasked with staying current on industry trends and learning methods all while continually focusing on efficient use of your training budget. Many learning professionals with whom we work feel like the days (and nights!) are never long enough to keep up with internal clients while carving out time to keep up with the bigger picture in the utility and learning industries.  

To better serve the utility training community, Enerdynamics is launching a new blog called Energy Training Today. This blog, coupled with the popular Training Room section of our quarterly newsletter Energy Insider, allows learning professionals like you to apply today’s key learning trends to the rapidly changing electricity and natural gas utility industries.  

In the coming months, we will spotlight various opportunities that can help you expand your knowledge of learning for the digital utility of the future. We’ll include informational articles, infographics, online courseware, essential checklists and whitepapers. Topics covered will include:

  • The learning professional in today's energy business
  • Critical content for a utility's e-learning library
  • How to find e-learning that energy industry learners will want and love
  • Delivering content to the right devices (because not all learners love the desktop!)
  • Effective learning for the digital utility of the future 

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