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Training Professionals: Gain Energy Industry Knowledge While Exploring New Options for Learners

by Enerdynamics' Online Content Team

If you work in the energy industry and are in charge of providing training for your company's workforce, you are likely expected to provide learning opportunities to employees across a broad spectrum of job types. And sometimes, you may be asked to provide training for a work group whose role you don’t quite understand. To best service your clients, it is useful for you to have a general idea of how utilities work, what the energy business outside the utility is about, and what the various departments do. At Enerdynamics, we continually work with utilities to educate their workforces on the business of utilities. Areas of business acumen that are useful for learning professionals to understand include:

  • How electric and natural gas delivery systems work
  • What the various utility departments do
  • What regulation is and how it affects the utility
  • How utilities make money
  • How electric and natural gas markets work
  • What the future holds for utilities

You might think it will take you hours to learn about these topics, but Enerdynamics has consolidated the key information into 10 minutes of essential e-learning. And it is available to you as a utility learning professional for free:


Once you have explored the free e-learning, you can find more than 45 individual courses and 20 learning paths at Enerdynamics’ website. This growing library of online courses and bundled learning paths is perfect for companies seeking a highly flexible and cost-effective online training solution for groups of any size – especially those with employees working in multiple offices or different locations. Topics range from industry basics to detailed learning on key current topics such as rate design, renewables, distribution energy resources, and the future of the utility business.

For enterprise license or group pricing information or if you have any other questions, please contact John Ferrare at or 866-765-5432 ext. 700.

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