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Enerdynamics Answers the Need for Microlearning

by John Ferrare, Enerdynamics CEO

The evolution of e-learning has led to progressively shorter training interventions. If you’ve been in the workforce for awhile you may remember that initial attempts at e-learning were often no more than a recording of a facilitator teaching a class. Can you imagine sitting in front of a computer for an eight-hour lecture? Thankfully the industry has learned and evolved, and today’s online courses are much shorter and designed specifically to engage the e-learner.

This is all good news. But what happens when a 30-minute online learning intervention is still more than what’s needed? Enter microlearning -- just-in-time “nuggets” of learning that are targeted to provide specific information in as little as two to five minutes.

At Enerdynamics we’ve watched this evolution closely. And we’ve heard requests from our clients to develop shorter and more targeted training opportunities. Our answer is now in beta testing phase, and we couldn’t be more excited. Energy KnowledgeBase is a resource of gas and electricity concepts and terminologies available on any training device. Each “nugget” of learning is a topic that:

  • Takes from two to five minutes to view
  • Often includes videos developed for our online courses
  • Also includes written information and graphics
  • Is easy to understand
  • Includes links to other topics and recommendations for further learning
  • Is searchable
  • Covers any of six categories: Electricity, Natural Gas, Renewables, Delivery Systems, Markets, Business and Regulation

Here's an example of Energy KnowledgeBase at work: Say an employee doesn't fully understand the difference between a traditional electric meter and a smart meter. The employee can log on to his Energy KnowledgeBase account, type "smart meter" into the search field, and up comes a page with a one-minute video about smart meters as well as a full description of what a smart meter is and a photo of what one looks like. 


In just 2-3 minutes the employee now has a new understanding of what a smart meter is – no extra training time or dollars expended. 

Energy KnowledgeBase can be accessed through your LMS and can be licensed to your entire employee population. For a demo of this exciting new resource, contact John Ferrare at or 866-765-5432 ext. 700.

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