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Do Your Employees Understand Gas System Components?

by Bob Shively, Enerdynamics President and Lead Facilitator

Ever wondered what a pilot-operated regulator is? Or when it’s appropriate to use steel pipe versus plastic? During Enerdynamics' interactions with gas company employees, we continually find a thirst for basic understanding of the gas system. While the engineers who design the system and the maintenance and construction employees who install it understand the various components they use and how they work, others in the organizations need a simple resource to gain a basic understanding. We find that many employees ranging from customer service representatives all the way to regulatory attorneys and IT professionals need to understand the gas system. Many feel like they are speaking a different language when attending technical meetings or reading reports written by engineers.

To address this need, Enerdynamics developed the online course Key Components of a Natural Gas Delivery System. Now gas employees at any level can, in just one hour, gain a basic understanding of the key components of the gas delivery system, what each component is used for, how it works, and when specific components and component types are used.

Anyone can understand pipe, valves, compression, regulators, meters, and SCADA. Just imagine the next time one of your employees walks into a technical meeting and can follow the conversation or can talk to a concerned customer and explain exactly why there will be an outage while deteriorating older plastic pipe is replaced. When the components are explained to all your employees in a clear manner, all of this is possible.


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