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Continuous Learning Opportunities Are What Today’s Employees Expect

by Bob Shively, Enerdynamics President and Lead Facilitator

“Today’s workforce is not satisfied with the one-time training that is provided at the time of joining the organization. They want to have knowledge of all the latest developments in their field of work.” ~ Kitaboo.comon-demand learning

Need to replace the belt on your lawn mower? Where do you go to figure out how to do it? Maybe you saved the manual somewhere when you bought the mower 10 years ago. Or maybe you can ask Mike down the street, as he usually knows about this kind of thing. Or, even easier, just search it on YouTube and in five minutes you’ll know exactly what you need (see Replacing a Belt Drive on a Riding Lawnmower — I recently replaced mine and this is what I used!).

Unfortunately, when it comes to the detailed information that energy industry employees need, YouTube isn’t always a quick and easy resource. Your employees are likely to waste lots of time looking through irrelevant videos before finally finding what they need. So, how can you proactively provide continuous learning opportunities your employees expect?

At Enerdynamics, we believe the answer is curated information that can be accessed on demand. That is why we are developing the Energy KnowledgeBaseTM.  This resource will include the key topics energy company professionals most commonly search, and it will direct them immediately to a summary overview that can be consumed in five minutes or less. The result is employees who can get information on a key term or topic with just a couple of keyboard clicks or screen taps, much as I learned about changing my mower belt. 

For example, here is a snapshot of a portion of the Ancillary Services entry:

Ancillary services

With Energy KnowledgebaseTM, your organization will gain multiple benefits associated with continuous learning including:

  • Just-in-time/nano-learning that provides small bits of relevant information in five-minute chunks
  • Improved employee performance with information from a trusted resource that is always current and always expanding (without you having to worry about updates and what information to add)
  • Low cost of continuous learning with no required added infrastructure and no resources for maintenance
  • The ability to customize with company-specific content
  • Better support for your team with on-demand content accessible any time and everywhere
  • Increased engagement and improved employee confidence with the ability to cross-reference any existing content (company-specific or vendor content) and cross-pollinate
  • Insights about employee knowledge gaps and interest through detailed reporting on what your employees are seeking

Energy KnowledgebaseTM is currently deep into development in partnership with Metamorphosis and will soon be available to pilot customers. If you are interested, please contact us at or 866-765-5432 ext. 700.

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