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eLearning Portal: A New Product from Enerdynamics

by John Ferrare, Enerdynamics CEO

Enerdynamics’ newest business acumen training product is set for release in early Fall 2017. It combines our various learning options into one full-service source of energy business training. The eLearning Portal can be licensed for periods of one year or more and will contain all of the following:

Learning In Depth
Learners have access to up to 30 (or more) of our online training courses. Actual content can be customized to your business or industry segment. Courses can be combined into learning paths, which present comprehensive studies of various aspects of the energy industry.

Learning In a Nutshell
Learners have access to 10-minute condensed versions of available courses. These are designed for those wanting a quick overview of a topic as well as for those who have already taken a full course but just want a refresher on what they’ve learned.

Resources will include a glossary, acronyms, infographics, and our Energy KnowledgeBase encyclopedia of energy terms and concepts. Additional resources (e.g. content from our industry books) will be available to some learners depending on industry segment or customization chosen.

Current Events
Learners can access relevant and current blog posts, newsletter articles, and other content based on industry segment and customization chosen.

Enerdynamics’ eLearning Portal provides one-stop access to important information about the energy industry. It is perfect for new hires, employees moving to management positions, or just about anyone who wants a better understanding of how the energy business actually works. And all learning is available on multiple devices including mobile, tablets, and desktops.

For more information on this exciting new product, contact us at or 866-765-5432 ext. 700.

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