Wholesale Power Markets: A New Online Course by Enerdynamics

Do your employees understand the electric services that are bought and sold in wholesale markets? Do they know which services are traded in bilateral, exchange, and centralized ISO markets? Can they explain to coworkers and customers how these markets work and how prices are determined? Are they able to analyze business opportunities and risks in the various wholesale markets? If not, Enerdynamics’ newest online course, Wholesale Power Markets, can help.

The course is actually a major update/upgrade to an existing course. Recently released, Wholesale Power Markets focuses on the electric services bought and sold in wholesale markets and replaces Electric Market Dynamics. Power markets have become increasingly important in recent years with the growth of gas-fired generation owned by independent power producers, the increase in renewables, and the expansion of ISO market areas. As a result, a clear understanding of how markets are organized as well as how services are traded is essential to many in the industry.

This updated course provides the most current information on power markets to keep your employees informed of what’s happening now in this fast-paced industry. Frequent updates also allow your employees to receive the benefits of technology evolution  Wholesale Power Markets is now available for viewing on all platforms including desktops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

Wholesale Power Markets comprises the following modules:

  • Introduction to Wholesale Power Markets
  • Power Market Structures and Participants
  • Electric Supply and Demand
  • Power Services and Markets
  • How Power Markets Work

As with all of Enerdynamics’ online courses, Wholesale Power Markets includes quality audio and graphics, interactive exercises and quizzes, and valuable material downloads. It can be viewed continuously or in small increments as an employee has time. View a short demo of Wholesale Power Markets or get more details on the course and its content.

The full-length course can be purchased or licensed on its own, or the modules are also available on a stand-alone basis. For more information and bulk pricing options, please contact John Ferrare at 866-765-5432 ext. 700 or info@enerdynamics.com.