HR Professionals: Get an Overview of the Industry With Free 15-Minute Course

by John Ferrare, Enerdynamics CEO

It surprises me how many HR professionals who plan energy business acumen training for their colleagues have never attended the classes they work so hard to coordinate. It's not because they don't want to; they simply don't have the time given their hectic schedules and the many different roles they play within their companies. Unfortunately this can lead to a lack of understanding of gas and electric business basics.

To help HR and training professionals gain a foundational understanding of the gas and electric industries, Enerdynamics created a 15-minute e-learning resource that covers the topics every learning professional should understand to more effectively serve their internal clients. Energy Business Fundamentals for Learning Professionals was developed especially for busy HR and training managers. It comprises the following modules:

  • The electric and natural gas delivery systems
  • Utility departments and what they do
  • Regulation and how utilities make money
  • Electric and natural gas markets
  • The utility of the future

This resource is free to all HR professionals and can be accessed via the button below:

If this course piques your interest and you'd like to learn more about Enerdynamics' offerings, check out our online library of gas and electric business acumen courses

I’d gladly set up a complimentary preview of any of our high-quality online learning courses. They make a perfect addition to your LMS curriculum. Reach me at 866.765.5432 ext. 700 or

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