The electric power industry is evolving at a record pace. With technological innovation and industry structure changing constantly, opportunities for success are abundant. Are you ready to take advantage of these historic opportunities?  Let us help you expand your electric industry knowledge.

Choose the delivery medium that works best for you or your employees. If you like learning in a group situation, attend a public seminar or save money and time by bringing one of our dynamic and engaging instructor-led seminars to your site. If you prefer to learn at your own pace, consider an online electric business fundamentals course or our best-selling electric book. Whichever learning method you prefer, you will find electric industry training for business professionals that is unique, interactive, easy-to-understand, and just plain interesting.

Electricity Seminars for the Electric Industry

For Individuals

Attend a variety of dynamic and interactive public seminars for the electric industry.

For Groups

We have a variety of cost-effective options that can be customized and implemented for your organization.

Electricity Online Courses for the Electric Industry

Short Courses

Attend a variety of dynamic and interactive short courses for the electric industry.

Full-length Courses

No time or budget to travel and attend a seminar? No problem. Join us from the comfort and convenience of your desktop.

Electricity Books for the Electric Industry

The Wherever, Whenever Learning Option

We've developed a unique, uncomplicated approach to explain and educate about the complexities of the energy industry. Whether you read cover-to-cover or prefer to focus on specific chapters, our books are the only reference guides you'll need.